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Worldwide Leader in the process to manufacture nutritional, blood and drainage bags

valmed is made in Italy

Gender Equality

Valmed, has launched a process of cultural change within its organization in order to achieve more equal gender equality, thanks to a new gender equality system conform to the document UNI/Pdr 125.

Valmed belives in a culture based on the rispect and valorization of the diversity of gender, age, religious and social origin, political idea, psicofisics ability, identity and sexual orientation.

Valmed is committed to:
• Apply human resource management and development practices, to promote an inclusive culture of access to company jobs and growth in career development, ensuring equal opportunities for all staff and promoting the empowerment of the female gender;

• Promote conditions of work-life balance, appropriate to the different stages of life proactive in rebalancing family loads between men and women;

• Communicate transparently, internally and externally (including markerting and publicity activities), its willingness to pursue gender equality, value diversity, and support the empowerment of the female gender

• Create a work environment that is inclusive, collaborative, supportive, transparent, and open to listening to all staff

• Prevent, censor and counter stereotypes, discrimination, all forms of physical, verbal, digital abuse, and aims to create a culture of diversity and inclusion.

• Gradually but rigorously reduce differences in pay and career advancement that may have occurred in the company's long history

Certifate of valmed

CE n° 1906/MDD



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