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Parenteral nutrition solutions can contain amino acids and vitamins that require high barriers for oxygen, carbon dioxide and UV light. Multilayer film offer these barrier functions and it is high transparent. The coextruded tubular film contains an EVA fluid contact layer and the film is suitable for ETO and gamma sterilization.

With Six Way Set

Male connector
Infusion point
Vial cone
Inviolable clamp
6 Way gravity set Ø4.8x6.8mm – 125cm
Drip chamber with filter 40μm
Clamp on/off
2 way spike with filter and vented capsule
Female cap blister packaging
External Handle

Female connector

Infusion point
Spike port
Inviolable clamp
Male vented cap
Male cap blister packaging
From 2000ml with Internal Handle
DEHP free


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