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Parenteral Nutrition Bag

The EVA TPN bags are empty containers for use in compounding and storage of sterile medical solutions such as parenteral nutrition solutions prior to and during administration to a patient using an intravascular administration set. The empty bags are filled by connecting them to containers – generally glass bottles closed by a pierceable membrane – containing one or more solutions through standard spikes and tubing. The bag is manufactured by welding a plastic tubular and assembling the bottom with tube exits.

Graduated scale printed on bag by hot method. Availability to manufacture bag in different capacity (on customer requests).
Different configuration are available, such as: Female or Male luer lock, big bore, infusion port, vial cone.
Other configuration connector/set (on customer requests).

Finished product OEM or VALMED CE marked or FDA 510K.
All products are latex free.
Our technical department is available to research and study flexible and innovative products in collaboration with the customer.

Finished Bag & CE Mark.
The bag can be completed and sterilized with or without set. The set is available in different configuration: 1way, 2way, 3 way, 6 way, with chamber and filter (270 μm or 40 μm), suitable and in compliance with main filling machine on the market.


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EVA Dual chamber

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Multilayer bag

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