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Air bubbles removal from any liquid solutions
Filters have integrated hydrophobic membranes which enables air/gas bubble removal significantly minimizing the risk of air/gas emboli for the patient.

Particles, Bacteria, Fungi and Endotoxin removal
Drug delivery and parenteral solution can introduce bacterial contamination or fungi to patients. These unwanted contaminants cause infections. Filter is a major safety measure to prevent contamination in a infusion system.
• Filters with PES membrane 0,2 micron prevent against bacterial contamination
• Filters with PES membrane 1,2 micron prevent against fungi contamination
• Filters with PES membrane positive charged 0,2 micron prevent against endotoxin contamination
• Filters with PES membrane 5 micron prevent against particles contamination

Filtration of photosensitive drugs (amber housing)
Filter with amber colored housing is available for drugs that are sensitive to UV light. This protect drugs against UV ray degradation.

Filtration of Chemo-therapy drugs, nutrient admixture, TPN and lipid solutions.
The filter, with pore size 0,2-1,2 micron, safety prevent the infusion of oversized lipid droplets, preventing fat emboli and minimizing particle contamination.

Structure of filter

Air venting
IV filters are a product that protects patients from infusion of air, which guards against an air embolism due to entrapped air. Air vents are made of hydrophobic PTFE membrane. The large surface area in all the three size of the vents allows air elimination.

Hydrophilic membrane
The PES membrane is an highly asymmetric membrane which ensures high flow rates and long life with no plugging. Flow rate values are depending on specific applications. Thanks to its geometry, IV filters minimizes the “dead area” providing a further advantage in applications requiring high flow rate. The low residual volume reduces the quantity of solution lost into the IV line.
Drug adsorption is a key point when using IV filters in drug delivery, thanks to its low binding performance, the PES membrane which equips the IV filter minimizes the adsorption of drugs reducing the cost for loss of drug during infusion.

Endotoxin Removal
Endotoxins are chemicals produced by the breakdown of bacteria. If endotoxins are allowed to enter patients systemically, they can cause fever and infections. Endotoxins are negatively charged.
Standard IV filters cannot remove them from solutions, however, if the membrane is positively charged, it attracts the endotoxins. The filter 0.2 with positive charged membrane attracts and retains endotoxins.

Standard Housing: clear or in different colors.
Housing for Photosensitive Drugs: filter with amber housing is available for drugs that are sensitive to UV light.

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