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栄養バッグ、血液バッグ、ドレナージバッグ の製造における 世界的リーダー

valmed is made in Italy


Cryobag is a safe way to preserve blood components when cryopreservation is indicated.
This bag is indicated for freezing of blood and blood components, for cryogenic blood preservation and cord blood storage in liquid nitrogen. It is made from polyolefin film, which combines the liquid nitrogen stability with excellent flexibility and puncture resistance.
Polyolefin has low water vapor transmission and good gas barrier properties, helping to preserve the integrity of blood components.

These bags are used for 2 applications:
-Storage of platelets: this is performed at 37°C.
-Storage of stem cells: short term at room temperature or 37°C and Cryogenic storage at -196°C.


1. Availability to manufacture bag in different capacities.
2. Hermetically welded Spike ports.
3. Rated for use in liquid nitrogen.
4. The product is latex-free
5. Different configuration are available, such as: LL connector, infusion site, vial cone
6. The batch and/or code can be engraved on the bag.
7. The barcode can be inserted in packet of the bag.


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