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栄養バッグ、血液バッグ、ドレナージバッグ の製造における 世界的リーダー

valmed is made in Italy


This is an excellent medical device to extended the infusion line. It is configured in different variants to meet the needs of the customer. This category includes the Safety System, the Transfer Dosage System and the Fluid Transfer Set with Silicone.

All devices are LATEX FREE. Standard products are the only mentioned. Different configuration are available on specific customer requests. Our technical department is available to research and study flexible and innovative

Fluid transfer set with silicone tube

The fluid transfer sets give the possibility to perform an aseptic transfer of fluids.
They are indicated for the safe passage of sterile liquids between 2 different containers.

Transfer Dosage System

These set are available with 1 or 4 lines.
This system is complete with syringe and drip chamber.

Safety System

These set are available in 2/3/4/5 way and with 2-way spike with filter and check valve.


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